PhDr. Leona Dyrehauge

PhDr. Leona Dyrehauge

Individual psychotherapy and counseling

In my practice I work with both adults and adolescents. The sessions are usually once a week and last for 50 minutes. The first few sessions are used to discuss the issues the client wants to bring to the therapy. We then formulate a therapeutic plan and proceed with the therapy. I specialize in Guided Affective Imagery as I find it is a powerful therapeutic tool. Most importantly, everything that is discussed is confidential. Should you request that information about your progress be passed on to anyone else, this may be done with your written consent. More about Guided Affective Imagery ...

Couple therapy, marriage guidance

The sessions are 50-60 minutes and take place once a week. The objective is to face the relationship issues in a safe place with a neutral mediator. I support honesty and the communication of confrontational topics, since this is usually much needed. Couples often don't dare to express themselves fully without neutral support from a therapist. I also believe strongly in building lost respect between partners. It is my belief that most relationships suffer from some form of crisis at one time or another and that when dealt with effectively the couple grows both as a unit and as individuals.